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Paint protection film offers more protection than ceramic coatings and waxing.

Vehicle Ceramic Coatings add a ceramic coating to your car that can protect the paint.

Window Tint

One of the best ways you can protect your car is by tinting the windows. Tinting the windows is also better for your health. Window tinting can block the harmful UV rays that come into the windows when you’re driving. Window tinting can also be extremely beneficial if you are driving with children who need to be protected from the sun.


Window tinting is also crucial to add privacy to your car whether you are driving or have the car parked in a lot. Window tinting will make it harder for people to see what’s in the car. They will need to come close to the car and peer inside to see your belongings. This makes it less likely for your car to be broken into.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film offers more protection than ceramic coatings and waxing. If you are looking for maximum durability and maximum protection, then you need to choose the paint protection film. It completely blocks blunt force from rocks and small objects. If you are hoping to keep your car in pristine condition or possibly resell it later on after a few years, you will want to keep it in optimal condition.

Paint protection film is the best way to keep your car looking new for as long as you can. The heat that’s applied when you put the film on will also cause swirl marks and scratches to disappear. The film can also repel water and cause fewer water spots.

Vehicle Ceramic Coating

Adding a ceramic coating to your car can protect the paint. It’s not the same thing as waxing as the ceramic coating will add more protection to the car than just wax. However, you can always have both done for maximum protection. Ceramic coating will be applied by hand by the experts from our company.

The ceramic coating will repel the damage that might be caused by rocks or other small objects that can hit the car when driving. If something large hits the car, it might still be damaged, but the ceramic will be able to block some of the blunts from the force.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are when you put your company’s logo or name on your vehicle. This can make it much easier to advertise your company and get more customers. Vehicle wrapping can also be easily removed if you decide to change the company logo later or don’t want to advertise anymore.

Vehicle wrapping is also less expensive than painting your logo. Having the company’s information on your car will allow more people to see your logo and you will be able to create more client relationships

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Vehicle Ceramic Coatings

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that’s applied by hand. The chemicals in the polymer will bond with the paint on the car’s exterior. This creates an extra layer of protection. This coating is permanent or semi-permanent depending on the kind you use. It won’t wash away if it rains, and it doesn’t require another application for several months.

Keep in mind that it’s not the same as paint protection film or waxing. If you really want to protect the value of your car, you will do all three.

We already discussed that ceramic coating preserves the car’s exterior and saves you time and money when it comes to maintenance. However, the ceramic coating doesn’t do everything.

Ceramic coating will repel small scratches, however, your car is still at risk for rock chips and scratches from other cars or objects. Ceramic coating is not an excuse to not drive properly and on proper roads.

Water spotting can also happen with ceramic coatings. Most can be avoided if you keep up with ceramic coatings, but as it starts to wear off, some water droplets can still bead and remain.

What Exactly Does Ceramic Coating Do?

Ceramic coating adds another layer of protection against your car and helps it to look new for longer. You will have to do less cleaning and exterior maintenance as well. This makes your life simpler and allows you to enjoy your car for longer.

Ceramic coating will add protection to your car from UV damage and oxidization. If you live your car in the sun for a long time, you see that the paint begins to dull and fade. With ceramic coatings, you can reduce the amount of oxidation and have that fresh paint look for longer.

Ceramic coating will also keep your car from chemical staining. Each time you drive, your car is exposed to acidic contaminants in the air and on the roads. With a ceramic coating, you can avoid this damage.

If you hate cleaning your car, the ceramic coating will ensure you can go longer between washes. The coating will repel water which means mud and grime will have a harder time building up on your car. When you do decide to wash your car, you can remove it with less effort and be able to clean your car in much less time than you would normally.

Want your car to still look new and glossy. Ceramic coating adds reflective coatings and clarity to your paint’s coat. It will look like you just bought your car.

Vehicle Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings for your car help to make your car look new. They are different than waxing. Even if you wax your car regularly, you will still experience swirl marks, chips, and stains affecting your car’s exterior.

Water spots, dirt, and grime can also cling to the car even with regular waxing. However, with ceramic coating, you can avoid some of this and provide protection to your car against environmental hazards

What Does Ceramic Coating Not Do?

We already discussed that ceramic coating preserves the car’s exterior and saves you time and money when it comes to maintenance. However, the ceramic coating doesn’t do everything.

Ceramic coating will repel small scratches, however, your car is still at risk for rock chips and scratches from other cars or objects. Ceramic coating is not an excuse to not drive properly and on proper roads.

Water spotting can also happen with ceramic coatings. Most can be avoided if you keep up with ceramic coatings, but as it starts to wear off, some water droplets can still bead and remain.

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Paint Protection Film

How Does Paint Protection Work?

Paint protection film will be applied all over your car to keep the paint looking new and fresh for longer. Since the industry has evolved to make paint protection better and better over the years, it no longer turns yellow quickly after application. If applied properly, it won’t make the car look dull and you shouldn’t be able to see the film in your car.

It’s applied with heat, so it can cover swirls and scratches to leave your paint glossy and shiny for a long time. It’s not completely bulletproof proof though, much like any film or protection you might put on your car.

The protection paint will absorb impact and preserve the paint from rock chips. Remember your car can still be punctured though although the paint will take the blunt force of the impact from whatever might hit your car. The damage to the car will be much lower than if your car didn’t have it

Why Paint Protection Is A Solid Investment For Your Car Or Truck

This really depends on your car and how much money and effort you want to put into protecting it. If you want your car to have minimal damage and be able to sell it later in life for a good value, you will need to keep the car in pristine condition.

This includes putting a paint protection film on it. The film will prevent rock chips, pitting, scrapes, and scratches. This will preserve the value of your car. When you go to sell your car, it might even score in the excellent category on the KBB scale. This means your resale value will be 10-15% higher than if it was in the very good or good category.

Here are some things to ask yourself when considering spending the money on paint protection film:

  • What is my car worth?
  • Do swirls and scratches drive me crazy if they were to happen?
  • Do I drive in areas where my car might be more likely to get hit by rocks or debris?
  • Does my car’s appearance really matter to me?
  • Do I want to resell the car one day for a high value?

Some people prefer to go with the cheaper ceramic coating if they aren’t obsessed with their car or they don’t care about the resell value.

Getting Paint Protection Film

You really can’t go wrong with paint protection film though. When driving on the highway or other busy roads, you won’t have to worry about small things flying and hitting your car because the film will absorb the shock from the items.

If you love your car and want it to stay in near perfect condition for as long as possible, you should get paint film protection.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

You might be wondering about vehicle wrapping and if you need it. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it, but someone has told you that you need it for your small business.

The car you drive has a major presence on the road and can represent your business and the ways it can help the community.

What is Car Wrapping?

A vehicle wrap is a large vinyl graphic that can be applied directly to the surface of your car. In some cases, you might put it all over the car while in other cases, you will just apply it to one section of the car.

It changes the look of your completely either way though. It will make the car look unique and give your car noticeable branding. You can usually pick between gloss and matte depending on your company and how you want the car to appear to others.

Benefits of Car Wrapping

  • Car wraps are a flexible, powerful, and cost-effective advertising tool
  • The more business vehicles you get, the more you can get wrapped and have more visibility for your business
  • Car wraps can be removed if you change your mind later
  • If car wraps are removed, the car will be in its original condition which makes it easier to sell
  • Car wrapping is less than painting

How Long Does Wrapping Last?

Where you live will depend on how much care you need to give the wrapping of your car. High temperatures will make the wrapping deteriorate faster and can break down the wrapping over time.

Cold weather can also cause problems because the salt they put on the snow roads can cause the wrapping to warp. In mild conditions, the car wrapping will last four to five years.

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Which Parts of the Car Can You Wrap?

This is an important question because you might only have one portion of the car wrapped or you might choose to get the whole car wrapped. Either way, here are the most common parts of the car to wrap for maximum visibility:

  • Hood
  • Doors
  • Whole exterior
  • The front end of the car

Check with our company on exact details if you have a specific part of the car you want to be wrapped. They can also advise you on what they think is best based on your logo if you aren’t sure where you want the wrapping done.

When Should I Get Car Wrapping?

If you drive your car often and it’s in a highly visible area, you might want to consider getting car wrapping so that your business is more visible, and more people become aware of your services.

If the car is the main one you drive for business and you go to customers’ homes and park it in neighborhoods, you will definitely want to get it wrapped. Customers will like to see you showing up in a professional car and other people in the neighborhood will see the advertisement.

Even if it’s a non-business car, you should consider wrapping it. The more cars you have wrapped, the more presence your company will have in the community.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Should I Tint My Windows?

There are many reasons why you should consider tinting your windows. The main reason people want to tint their windows is for decreased interior heat. Feeling hot when driving can make you feel tired and distracted.

Window tinting will also reduce glare. This allows you to drive safer. Window tints can also protect your health. Constantly being exposed to UV rays is not good for your health. Window tinting can absorb these rays and keep you and your passengers safe.

Privacy is another added advantage of window tinting. This will keep the contents of your car hidden. If you live in a big city where crime is common, this might be an added benefit to consider.

Auto Window Tint

Automotive window tinting is important because it will protect your skin and the interior of your car from harmful UV rays.

It’s an easy way to make your car look and feel cool. Here are some of the most common films used when it comes to automotive tinting.

Crystalline Film

One of the options you have for car window tinting is crystalline film. Crystalline film will reject more heat than some of the darker films that other companies put on cars. It’s one of the top choices when it comes to auto window tinting. However, it can also be the most expensive.

The film will reject up to 60% of solar energy and up to 97%of heat-producing infrared rays for you to have the ultimate comfort when driving. The crystalline film will enhance your view by allowing all visible light to enter the car while still keeping UV rays and heat out. This means you will still be able to drive easily and see the road safely.

The film is also non-metalized so you can keep using your mobile devices like a GPS while in the car.

Ceramic IR Film

Another option you have for car tinting is ceramic IR film. It has a low visible light reflectivity value without a mirror-like appearance. This means your driving view will not be disrupted. The metal-free design allows you to have zero electronic or mobile phone interference. This includes even the newest devices with 5G.

The high total solar energy that is rejected will mean you keep cool in your car even on the hottest of summer days. This will also reduce the feel of the sun on the skin. The infrared heat reduction with this absorptive nano-ceramic technology will keep you and your car safe.

Obsidian Film

For a cool and private interior, Obsidian Film delivers strong performance at an affordable price. The obsidian film is one of the stronger films and is more affordable than the other two films mentioned.

The infused technology will help prevent purpling and improve durability. Overall, Obsidian Film will reject up to 44% of the solar energy coming through the windows to keep you cool when driving and will also protect you from the UV rays that come into your car.

You will get a total of up to 1000 SPF for your car and up to 99% UV light prevention.