Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

You might be wondering about vehicle wrapping and if you need it. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it, but someone has told you that you need it for your small business.

The car you drive has a major presence on the road and can represent your business and the ways it can help the community.

What is Car Wrapping?

A vehicle wrap is a large vinyl graphic that can be applied directly to the surface of your car. In some cases, you might put it all over the car while in other cases, you will just apply it to one section of the car.

It changes the look of your completely either way though. It will make the car look unique and give your car noticeable branding. You can usually pick between gloss and matte depending on your company and how you want the car to appear to others.

Benefits of Car Wrapping

  • Car wraps are a flexible, powerful, and cost-effective advertising tool
  • The more business vehicles you get, the more you can get wrapped and have more visibility for your business
  • Car wraps can be removed if you change your mind later
  • If car wraps are removed, the car will be in its original condition which makes it easier to sell
  • Car wrapping is less than painting

How Long Does Wrapping Last?

Where you live will depend on how much care you need to give the wrapping of your car. High temperatures will make the wrapping deteriorate faster and can break down the wrapping over time.

Cold weather can also cause problems because the salt they put on the snow roads can cause the wrapping to warp. In mild conditions, the car wrapping will last four to five years.

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Which Parts of the Car Can You Wrap?

This is an important question because you might only have one portion of the car wrapped or you might choose to get the whole car wrapped. Either way, here are the most common parts of the car to wrap for maximum visibility:

  • Hood
  • Doors
  • Whole exterior
  • The front end of the car

Check with our company on exact details if you have a specific part of the car you want to be wrapped. They can also advise you on what they think is best based on your logo if you aren’t sure where you want the wrapping done.

When Should I Get Car Wrapping?

If you drive your car often and it’s in a highly visible area, you might want to consider getting car wrapping so that your business is more visible, and more people become aware of your services.

If the car is the main one you drive for business and you go to customers’ homes and park it in neighborhoods, you will definitely want to get it wrapped. Customers will like to see you showing up in a professional car and other people in the neighborhood will see the advertisement.

Even if it’s a non-business car, you should consider wrapping it. The more cars you have wrapped, the more presence your company will have in the community.

Vehicle Wrap Specifications

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